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Maven install fails with type=pom dependency

I’m updating a maven dependency tika-parsers from v1.14 to v2.4.0. Changing the version alone causes maven to fail to find the jar:

Could not resolve dependencies for project samm:samm:war:2.0.0: Could not find artifact org.apache.tika:tika-parsers:jar:2.4.0 in central (

Since mvnrepository reports that v2 now needs to have <type>pom</type>, I added that in and while the jar error goes away, my code fails to compile as it can’t find anything in the tika-parses package.


package org.apache.tika.detect does not exist

I’ve confirmed that the package should exist as it hasn’t been renamed in v2, it’s still in their API docs. It sounds like type=pom should tell maven to download all of the dependencies listed in their POM but I can’t tell what’s happening.

Do I need to do something else?



If you look at the pom you’ve linked you can see it lists 0 compile time dependencies, and the core library is listed as a unit test scope dependency. If you follow the getting started, it seems that you’re supposed to depend on tika-core as well:

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