Liquibase conditional migration

I want to automate some migration processes for stack: Java, Maven, Spring-Boot, Postgres, Liquibase.

Is it possible to postpone some liquibase change logs until a specific maven module version?


  • changes:
    • changelog1.yaml
    • changelog2.yaml
  • 2.1: # Executed during deployment of version 2.1
    • changelog3.yaml
    • changelog4.yaml
  • 2.2: # Executed during deployment of version 2.2
    • changelog5.yaml
    • changelog6.yaml

In the case of deployment 2.0, only the first 2 change logs will be applied.

Any idea how to do it?


Liquibase Labels allow you to choose a subset of changesets to execute at the runtime.

Labels can be specified using AND, OR, !, and () (parentheses that are used for grouping). For example:

labels="v.2.0 and v.2.1"
labels="v.2.0 or v.2.1"
labels="!v.2.0 and !v.2.1"

Where the version could be the maven module version in your case.

Source: stackoverflow