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JNativeHook Post a native key event

I tried to post a new native key pressing to the system using the java library The method


Needs to get passed a NativeInputEvent object, which needs the Parameters

  • An instance of Global Screen
  • Two integers and one long

Based on the documentation I can’t figure out what the required parameters are and how to for example initialize a new GlobalScreen object. (

Thanks for answers in advance!



With the help of the developer I solved the question. To post media key events to the system using jnativehook you can use the following code:

public static void MediaKeyForward(){
    GlobalScreen.postNativeEvent(new NativeKeyEvent(2401,0,176,57369,org.jnativehook.keyboard.NativeKeyEvent.CHAR_UNDEFINED));

public static void MediaKeyBack(){
    GlobalScreen.postNativeEvent(new NativeKeyEvent(2401,0,177,57360,org.jnativehook.keyboard.NativeKeyEvent.CHAR_UNDEFINED));

public static void MediaKeyPause(){
 GlobalScreen.postNativeEvent(new NativeKeyEvent(2401,0,179,57378,org.jnativehook.keyboard.NativeKeyEvent.CHAR_UNDEFINED));