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JDA ChannelManager setname Channel view online stats

After joining discord, the channel should refresh and show the new number of players online. After executing twice, the channel does not refresh again.

public void onGuildMemberJoin(@Nonnull GuildMemberJoinEvent event) {
    Guild guild = event.getGuild();
    long online = guild.getMembers().stream()
            .filter(member -> 
    VoiceChannel channel = event.getGuild().getVoiceChannelById(742890118943080480L);
    channel.getManager().setName("Online: " + online).queue();



Discord doesn’t want bots to update channels this often. Channel names are not supposed to be used to display statistics like this. They recently introduced a 2 / 10 minute rate limit on this update process.

This means you cannot update the channel name (or topic) more than twice every 10 minutes.

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