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Java Properties backslash

I am using Java Properties to read a properties file. Everything is working fine, but Properties silently drops the backslashes.


original: c:sdjfslkdfj.jpg

after: c:sdjfslkdfj.jpg

How do I make Properties not do this?

I am using the code prop.getProperty(key)

I am getting the properties from a file, and I want to avoid adding double backslashes



It is Properties.load() that’s causing the problem that you are seeing as backslash is used for a special purpose.

The logical line holding all the data for a key-element pair may be spread out across several adjacent natural lines by escaping the line terminator sequence with a backslash character, .

If you are unable to use CoolBeans’s suggestion then what you can do is read the property file beforehand to a string and replace backslash with double-backslash and then feed it to Properties.load()

String propertyFileContents = readPropertyFileContents();

Properties properties = new Properties();
properties.load(new StringReader(propertyFileContents.replace("\", "\\")));