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Java POS printer error

I’m novice to Java, and I’m developing POS application using java.

I bought an Epson POS printer for this project. Printer model is EPSON TM-U220.

I’ve installed JavaPos and, my code snippet as follows. but when running I get this error.

Appreciate if anyone could help me with this problem.

jpos.JposException: Service does not exist in loaded JCL registry
StarReceiptTest finished.
    at jpos.loader.simple.SimpleServiceManager.createConnection(
    at jpos.loader.JposServiceLoader.findService(
    at StarReceiptTest.main(
BUILD SUCCESSFUL (total time: 1 second)

import jpos.JposConst;
import jpos.JposException;
import jpos.POSPrinter;
import jpos.POSPrinterConst;

import jpos.util.JposPropertiesConst;

public class StarReceiptTest
    public static void main(String[] args){   
        If you want to place the jpos.xml file elsewhere on your local file system then uncomment the
        following line and specify the full path to jpos.xml.

        If you want to place the jpos.xml file on a webserver for access over the internet then uncomment
        the second System.setProperty line below and specify the full URL to jpos.xml.
        //System.setProperty(JposPropertiesConst.JPOS_POPULATOR_FILE_PROP_NAME, "jpos.xml");
        System.setProperty(JposPropertiesConst.JPOS_POPULATOR_FILE_PROP_NAME, "C:\Users\Udayanga\Documents\NetBeansProjects\Jpos_Sample\src\jpos.xml");
        //System.setProperty(JposPropertiesConst.JPOS_POPULATOR_FILE_URL_PROP_NAME, "");

        // constants defined for convience sake (could be inlined)
        String ESC    = ((char) 0x1b) + "";
        String LF     = ((char) 0x0a) + "";
        String SPACES = "                                                                      ";

        // instantiate a new jpos.POSPrinter object
        POSPrinter printer = new POSPrinter();
        //ESDPRT001 = Port
            // open the printer object according to the entry names defined in jpos.xml


            // claim exclsive usage of the printer object

            // enable the device for input and output

            // set map mode to metric - all dimensions specified in 1/100mm units
            printer.setMapMode(POSPrinterConst.PTR_MM_METRIC);  // unit = 1/100 mm - i.e. 1 cm = 10 mm = 10 * 100 units

                // poll for printer status
                //   a javax.swing based application would be best to both poll for status
                //   AND register for asynchronous StatusUpdateEvent notification
                //   see the JavaPOS specification for details on this

                // check if the cover is open
                if (printer.getCoverOpen() == true)
                    System.out.println("printer.getCoverOpen() == true");

                    // cover open so do not attempt printing

                // check if the printer is out of paper
                if (printer.getRecEmpty() == true)
                    System.out.println("printer.getRecEmpty() == true");

                    // the printer is out of paper so do not attempt printing

                // being a transaction
                //   transaction mode causes all output to be buffered
                //   once transaction mode is terminated, the buffered data is
                //   outputted to the printer in one shot - increased reliability
                printer.transactionPrint(POSPrinterConst.PTR_S_RECEIPT, POSPrinterConst.PTR_TP_TRANSACTION);

                if (printer.getCapRecBitmap() == true){
                    // print an image file
                        printer.printBitmap(POSPrinterConst.PTR_S_RECEIPT, "star.gif", POSPrinterConst.PTR_BM_ASIS, POSPrinterConst.PTR_BM_CENTER);
                    catch (JposException e)
                        if (e.getErrorCode () != JposConst.JPOS_E_NOEXIST)
                            // error other than file not exist - propogate it
                            throw e;

                        // image file not found - ignore this error & proceed

                // call printNormal repeatedly to generate out receipt
                //   the following JavaPOS-POSPrinter control code sequences are used here
                //   ESC + "|cA"          -> center alignment
                //   ESC + "|4C"          -> double high double wide character printing
                //   ESC + "|bC"          -> bold character printing
                //   ESC + "|uC"          -> underline character printing
                //   ESC + "|rA"          -> right alignment

                printer.printNormal(POSPrinterConst.PTR_S_RECEIPT, ESC + "|cA" + ESC + "|4C" + ESC + "|bC" + "Star Grocer"     + LF);
                printer.printNormal(POSPrinterConst.PTR_S_RECEIPT, ESC + "|cA" + ESC + "|bC" +               "Shizuoka, Japan" + LF);
                printer.printNormal(POSPrinterConst.PTR_S_RECEIPT, ESC + "|cA" + ESC + "|bC" +               "054-555-5555"    + LF);

                printer.printNormal(POSPrinterConst.PTR_S_RECEIPT, ESC + "|uC" + "Qnty Unit Tx Description" + SPACES.substring(0, printer.getRecLineChars() - "Qnty Unit Tx Description".length()) + LF);

                printer.printNormal(POSPrinterConst.PTR_S_RECEIPT,               "   1  830    Soba Noodles"        + LF);
                printer.printNormal(POSPrinterConst.PTR_S_RECEIPT,               "   1  180    Daikon Radish"       + LF);
                printer.printNormal(POSPrinterConst.PTR_S_RECEIPT,               "   1  350    Shouyu Soy Sauce"    + LF);
                printer.printNormal(POSPrinterConst.PTR_S_RECEIPT,               "   1   80    Negi Green Onions"   + LF);
                printer.printNormal(POSPrinterConst.PTR_S_RECEIPT,               "   1  100    Wasabi Horse Radish" + LF);
                printer.printNormal(POSPrinterConst.PTR_S_RECEIPT,               "   2  200 Tx Hashi Chop Sticks"   + LF);
                printer.printNormal(POSPrinterConst.PTR_S_RECEIPT, LF);

                printer.printNormal(POSPrinterConst.PTR_S_RECEIPT,               ESC + "|rA" +               "Subtotal:  2160" + LF);
                printer.printNormal(POSPrinterConst.PTR_S_RECEIPT,               ESC + "|rA" +               "Tax:         24" + LF);
                printer.printNormal(POSPrinterConst.PTR_S_RECEIPT,               ESC + "|rA" + ESC + "|bC" + "Total:     2184" + LF);
                printer.printNormal(POSPrinterConst.PTR_S_RECEIPT,               ESC + "|rA" +               "Tender:    2200" + LF);
                printer.printNormal(POSPrinterConst.PTR_S_RECEIPT,               ESC + "|rA" + ESC + "|bC" + "Change:      16" + LF);
                printer.printNormal(POSPrinterConst.PTR_S_RECEIPT, LF);

                if (printer.getCapRecBarCode() == true)
                    // print a Code 3 of 9 barcode with the data "123456789012" encoded
                    //   the 10 * 100, 60 * 100 parameters below specify the barcode's height and width
                    //   in the metric map mode (1cm tall, 6cm wide)
                    printer.printBarCode(POSPrinterConst.PTR_S_RECEIPT, "123456789012", POSPrinterConst.PTR_BCS_Code39, 10 * 100, 60 * 100, POSPrinterConst.PTR_BC_CENTER, POSPrinterConst.PTR_BC_TEXT_BELOW);

                printer.printNormal(POSPrinterConst.PTR_S_RECEIPT, ESC + "|cA" + ESC + "|4C" + ESC + "|bC" + "Thank you" + LF);

                // the ESC + "|100fP" control code causes the printer to execute a paper cut
                //   after feeding to the cutter position
                printer.printNormal(POSPrinterConst.PTR_S_RECEIPT, ESC + "|100fP");

                // terminate the transaction causing all of the above buffered data to be sent to the printer
                printer.transactionPrint(POSPrinterConst.PTR_S_RECEIPT, POSPrinterConst.PTR_TP_NORMAL);

                // exit our printing loop
            } while (false);
        catch(JposException e)
            // display any errors that come up
            // close the printer object
            catch (Exception e) {}

        System.out.println("StarReceiptTest finished.");

Here is the jpos.xml file

    <!--Other non JavaPOS required property (mostly vendor properties and bus specific properties i.e. RS232 )-->
    <prop name="Halftone" type="String" value="0"/>
    <prop name="PhysicalPrinterName" type="String" value="TM-U220"/>
    <prop name="NVRAMControlLevel" type="String" value="1"/>
    <prop name="Stamp" type="String" value="0"/>
    <prop name="OutputCompleteType" type="String" value="2"/>
    <prop name="StatusThreadInterval" type="String" value="100"/>
    <prop name="OutputTimeout" type="String" value="500"/>
    <prop name="PortType" type="String" value="2"/>
    <prop name="OutputBufferSize" type="String" value="65536"/>
    <prop name="UsedNVRAM" type="String" value="0"/>
    <prop name="FirmRecordLog" type="String" value="1"/>
    <prop name="ReceiveTimeout" type="String" value="1000"/>
    <prop name="SlpReverseEject" type="String" value="0"/>
    <prop name="PortName" type="String" value="TM-U220"/>
    <prop name="OfflineRetryIntervalTime" type="String" value="25"/>
    <prop name="DefaultSlpClampTime" type="String" value="0"/>
    <prop name="epson.trace.file" type="String" value="trace.log"/>
    <prop name="AsyncProcessingSize" type="String" value="1"/>
    <prop name="KanjiTwoWaysPrint" type="String" value="0"/>
    <prop name="PulseStep" type="String" value="2"/>
    <prop name="PortInterfaceName" type="String" value="USB"/>
    <prop name="OutPipe" type="String" value="0"/>
    <prop name="U375Compatible" type="String" value="0"/>
    <prop name="PortNameType" type="String" value="0"/>
    <prop name="preCutterFunction" type="String" value="0"/>
    <prop name="epson.tracing" type="String" value="false"/>
    <prop name="epson.trace.max.size" type="String" value="1000"/>
    <prop name="RecPaperSize" type="String" value="76"/>
    <prop name="DeviceDesc" type="String" value="EPSON TM-U220D POSPrinter"/>
    <prop name="PageModeExt" type="String" value="0"/>
    <prop name="SupportStatistics" type="String" value="1"/>
    <prop name="FirmProgressRange" type="String" value="10"/>
    <prop name="OutputErrorOption" type="String" value="0"/>
    <prop name="SupportFirmware" type="String" value="0"/>
    <prop name="InputTimeout" type="String" value="100"/>
    <prop name="AutoPowerOff" type="String" value="0"/>
    <prop name="SlpMoreColumns" type="String" value="0"/>
    <prop name="RecPaperType" type="String" value="0"/>
    <prop name="MemorySwitch" type="String" value="0"/>
    <prop name="ReadThreadInterval" type="String" value="-1"/>
    <prop name="QueuingOfflineTimeout" type="String" value="1000"/>
    <prop name="InitializeThreadTime" type="String" value="1000"/>
    <prop name="TwoColor" type="String" value="1"/>
    <prop name="TwoByteCharacter" type="String" value="0"/>
    <prop name="FirmLogFileSize" type="String" value="1000"/>
    <prop name="Peeler" type="String" value="0"/>
    <prop name="InPipe" type="String" value="1"/>
    <prop name="ConfigurationFile" type="String" value="epson/xml/Setting/TM-U220DSetting.xml"/>
    <prop name="Custom1Color" type="String" value="0xFF0000"/>
    <prop name="preEndorseFunction" type="String" value="0"/>
    <prop name="Upos.Spec_c" type="String" value="false"/>
    <prop name="FirmNotifyAllProgressEvents" type="String" value="0"/>
    <prop name="InitializeResponseTimeout" type="String" value="1000"/>
    <prop name="ReceiveRetryTime" type="String" value="25"/>
    <prop name="PrinterTransmitTimeout" type="String" value="30000"/>
    <prop name="RecMoreColumns" type="String" value="0"/>
    <prop name="UsedInterCharacterSet" type="String" value="0"/>
    <prop name="WriteThreadInterval" type="String" value="-1"/>
    <prop name="preORCBFunction" type="String" value="0"/>
    <prop name="RecNearEndSensor" type="String" value="1"/>
    <prop name="LogObject" type="String" value=""/>
    <prop name="Cutter" type="String" value="0"/>
    <prop name="PhysicalDevice" type="String" value="TM-U220D"/>
    <prop name="UsedPeeler" type="String" value="0"/>
    <prop name="FirmLogFileName" type="String" value="Firmware.log"/>
    <prop name="InputBufferSize" type="String" value="4096"/>
    <prop name="TransmitTimeout" type="String" value="5000"/>
    <prop name="OfflineCount" type="String" value="2"/>
    <prop name="TransmitRetryTime" type="String" value="100"/>
    <prop name="DirectIOEventTimeout" type="String" value="5000"/>



I’ve solved it my own 🙂 and now it’s working fine. Thanks Joop for trying to help me.

Here is the solution worked for me.

  1. Setup Printer drivers executing APD_455dE.exe

  2. Setup Epson_JavaPOS_ADK_11317

  3. Generate Jpos.xml Using SetupPOS.exe (Usually located in C:Program FilesEPSONJavaPOSSetupPOSSetupPOS.exe)

  4. Save Jpos.xml in your src folder

  5. Add following jar files to your project epsonJposService182.jar epsonJposServiceCommon.jar jpos18.jar xercesImpl.jar xml-apis.jar

  6. Specify the Jpos.xml file to your project using following code System.setProperty(JposPropertiesConst.JPOS_POPULATOR_FILE_PROP_NAME, “D:TestJpos_Samplesrcjpos.xml”);

  7. Ready to go…!!!!

If any one need further assistance regarding POS printer issues contact me. I’ll try my best to help you guys.

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