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java: Optimizing if statement in Java using Optional [closed]

I have the following code in Java which I need to optimize by the usage of Optional in Java 8:

if (x.isEmpty() || x.contains("<")) {
   x = "hello1";
else if (x.contains(",")) {
   x = "hello2";
} else {
   x = "hello3";

Can someone suggest a Java 8 based code using Optional?

I don’t want to use multiple if-else. I prefer using something more functional like Optional in java 8 since if-else is more imperative style. So I can correct and say my objective is not in terms of code optimization in terms of performance, but making it use Java 8 standards which are more functional in nature.



    x = x.isEmpty() || x.contains("<") ? "hello1" 
            : x.contains(",") ? "hello2" : "hello3";

If you’re after the functional style that you can in some cases have with Optional, then you still don’t need an Optional in this case, but rather the good old conditional operator (sometimes called the ternary operator; it was there since Java 1.0). There would be no meaningful way to fit an Optional into your code.

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