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Java HotSpot VM Command-Line HeapDumpPath option use hostname for resulting .hprof

Summary: Id like to alter the way .hprofs are named when automatically created to incorporate machine’s hostname + process PID

Long version: According to documentation ( you can pass an option to the VM to create heapdumps under certain conditions (HeapDumpOnOutOfMemoryError), and can further customize this behavior by specifying a different path for the resulting .hprof file. You can change the name/path. What I would like to know is if its possible to make this option (HeapDumpPath) incorporate the hostname+PID to have uniquely named .hprofs (to be saved in a centralized location, but thats another scope). Could it be done? Can HeapDumpPath accept a parameter to get the hostname?


Managed to do it just by using the Windows Environment Variable COMPUTERNAME in the wrapper.conf file for that particular Java VM. The full line is: