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Java generics impossible assignment?

Every time I think I understand generics better (and can answer without compiling), I get to an example where this theory breaks. Here is a very simple example:

static void consumer(List<? super List<String>> param) {

And two invocations:

public static void main(String[] args) {
    List<String> list = List.of("123");

To me, none of the invocations should compile. A String is not a supertype of List. Still, the second one compiles. But let’s suppose that this happens because the compiler could infer some type here. Of course such a type does not exist and it will fail at runtime, right? Right? Nope. It just works. As such, can someone bring some sanity to my life please?



Ah darn!

javac  --debug=verboseResolution=all

shows that consumer(List.of("123")) is compiled to:

instantiated signature: (Object)List<Object>
target-type: List<? super List<String>>
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