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Java Bytecode Error : Expecting to find object/array on stack

I am compiling a simple language into JVM Bytecode and having some issues with Java object method calls. The verifier gives the error below

java.lang.VerifyError: (class: Test_1, method: main signature: ()V) Expecting to find object/array on stack

and below is the generated Java source code from my bytecodes by IntelliJ

import java.util.ArrayList;

public final class Test_1 {
    public static void main() {
        ArrayList var1 = new ArrayList();
        int var2 = (Integer)var1.get(0);

which is exactly what I am trying to do. Creating an ArrayList, assigning a value and reading from it. The above code looks like a valid Java code to me.

Below is my bytecode

  public static void main();
    descriptor: ()V
      stack=2, locals=2, args_size=0
  0: new           #9  // class java/util/ArrayList
  3: dup
  4: invokespecial #12  // Method java/util/ArrayList."<init>":()V
  7: astore_1
  8: aload_1
  9: bipush        19
  11: invokestatic  #16  // Method java/lang/Integer.valueOf:(I)Ljava/lang/Integer;
  14: invokevirtual #26  // Method java/util/ArrayList.add:(Ljava/lang/Object;)Z
  17: pop
  18: aload_1
  19: astore_0
  20: aload_0
  21: iconst_0
  22: invokevirtual #34  // Method java/util/ArrayList.get:(I)Z
  25: checkcast     #2   // class java/lang/Integer
  28: invokevirtual #11  // Method java/lang/Integer.intValue:()I
  31: istore_1
  32: return

I suspect something funny is going on along the lines 18-20, but I am not sure. The rest of the Bytecode instructions seem okay to me.

Why does the verifier complain about not finding an object on the stack?


The signature of ArrayList.get method at 22 is wrong.
The correct one is (I)Ljava/lang/Object;