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Jackson Different Deserialization vs Serlialization Method

My Spring Boot API uses camelCase, but I need to proxy some requests through my API to a 3rd party API that uses snake_case. Is it possible to configure Jackson to deserialize the 3rd party response from snake_case, then serialize it back to camelCase to my frontend?

Step by step example of desired functionality:

Example Object:

MyObject {
  String myProperty;
  • I call my API
  • API calls 3rd Party
  • 3rd Party returns
  "my_property": "my value"
  • My API deserializes it into MyObject
  • My API serializes the object and returns
  "myProperty": "my value"

Right now I am using @JsonNaming(PropertyNamingStrategies.SnakeCaseStrategy.class) but of course that will serialize into snake_case as well. Note – even though my api uses camelCase, it would be acceptable to always deserialize from snake_case as this will be a readonly enpoint.



You could add the @JsonAlias annotation on the individual properties to add alternative names for deserialization. Or you could configure multiple object mappers with explicit naming strategies, one for deserialization of this third-party API, and one for your normal serialization/deserialization.

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