Is there a way to shorten boolean RequestParams in Spring Boot?

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Thanks for all trying to help 🙂

Backround information:
I use the spring framework version 2.4.3 together with Java (and Maven)

To my question: Is it possible to shorten http://localhost:8080/api/v1/example?admin=true&superPrivilege=true to something like http://localhost:8080/api/v1/example?admin&superPrivilege.

So what I want is to use boolean Parameters as Flag.
If the parameter is set then it counts as true if not as False. Is that possible in Spring Boot?

I actually don’t know what to google for because I’m new with any kind of Webdevelopement.
(And jep I did try a couple of hours in the last days xD)


Another approach could be:

public String demo(@RequestParam Map<String, String> parameters) {
    if (parameters.containsKey("key")) {
        System.out.println("I has key");
    return "hello";

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