Is there a way to invoke a java code (something like custom maven plugins) in bazel build?

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I made a plugin to run it during compilation of maven modules. But since my org is now moving to bazel — Do we have a way that we can directly run plugins(mojos)in bazel?

If not, is there a way during bazel build of a java code that we can invoke another java code which has all the project info just like MavenProject parameter in mojos?


It sounds like what you might want to try is a java_plugin, which is for running annotation processors with java_binary and java_library:

and you specify the plugin with the plugins attribute of java_binary or java_library:

  name = ...,
  srcs = ...,
  deps = ...,
  plugins = [":my_plugin"],

  name = "my_plugin",
  srcs = ...,
  deps = ...,
  processor_class = "...",

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