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Is there a limit of a maximum of 7 steps for “Function” “andThen()” “apply()” of Java? [closed]

I have the following code –

        Function<String, String> step1 = string -> string + " wakes up";
        Function<String, String> step2 = string -> string + "nbrushes teeth";
        Function<String, String> step3 = string -> string + "ngoes to toilet";
        Function<String, String> step4 = string -> string + "ntakes a shower";
        Function<String, String> step5 = string -> string + "nfeeds the cat";
        Function<String, String> step6 = string -> string + "ncleans litter box";
        Function<String, String> step7 = string -> string + "neats breakfast";
        Function<String, String> step8 = string -> string = "ngoes for work";
        String name = "Neha";


gives me output –

Neha wakes up
brushes teeth
goes to toilet
takes a shower
feeds the cat
cleans litter box
eats breakfast



Gives me output –

goes for work

So, I am wondering if there is a maximum limit of 7 steps here.

I am using Open JDK 11



No. Look at this:

Function<String, String> step8 = string -> string = "ngoes for work";

Notice the assignment operator = instead of append +.

Change it to:

Function<String, String> step8 = string -> string + "ngoes for work";

and it should show desired results.

Why would Java randomly limit it to 7 steps??