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IntelliJ debug maven package included in EAR

After deploying an EAR to a local Weblogic instance, I’m remote debugging the application without problems.

However, I cannot seem to get debug connection to a maven package that I’ve added as a maven dependency to the project (jar).

Debug config:

enter image description here

Showing working debug connection in source code:

enter image description here

Not working debug on included Maven package:

enter image description here

How to solve this?

Note: I checked the deployed ear, the jar is present.



IntelliJ actually works as it should.
The micrometere-registry-influx jar was properly included in the ear, but not properly plugged into the the application due to a wrong JavaEE annotation which failed the EJB to be registered.
Hence the micrometer core package didn’t use the influx plugin as expected.

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