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IBM Data Server licence for JDBC and SQLJ is invalid

Im trying to connect to an IBM DB2 in AS400 using jdbc and ibm DB2 jcc driver. credentials are valid. the problem is, when i try to connect to the client db2, it tells me that my db2 connect licence is invalid. even though i tied to connect with the same driver to another IBM DB2 in a free ibm cloud service, and it works without the licence.

is there another way to connect to IBM DB2 without DB2 connect ? or there is no other way than buying the licence ?

The error :

enter image description here


enter image description here



With IBM supplied drivers, access to i-series (AS/400) is non free.

You can use the jt400 driver if you want “free” access.

Otherwise you must either provide a Db2-connect licence on the workstation running the jdbc connection and thus connect directly to AS/400 (i-series), or if your company has already deployed a Db2-connect gateway then you can connect indirectly via that gateway and in this case no workstation-side license is required (because the costs are included in the separate Db2-connect gateway license).

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