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How to split a String with two delimiters and keep only one of of them?

I want to split a String in punctuation marks and white spaces, but keep the punctuation marks. E.x

String example = "How are you? I am fine!"

I want to have as a result


but instead I get

["how"," ","are"," ","you"," ","?"," ","i"," ","am"," ","fine"," ","!"].

what I used was example.toLowerCase().trim().split("(?<=\b|[^\p{L}])");


Why are you doing toLowerCase()? This already messes up your expected result. And why the trim() on the full string?

Doing this with a single split call is probably not too simple.

An alternative would be to just filter out the unwanted entries:

String example = "How are you? I am fine!";

Pattern pattern = Pattern.compile("\b");
String[] result = pattern.splitAsStream(example)



[How, are, you, ? , I, am, fine, !]

Reacting to your comment of wanting [How,are,you,?,I,am,fine,!] as output; simply dont print with Arrays.toString but build the string yourself manually. The array does not contain any whitespaces.

System.out.println("[" + String.join(",", result) + "]");