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How to set custom JRE System library path value in Spring Tool Suite?

I’m trying to set the default value for the JRE system library in Spring Tool Suite and it’s setting it to 1.6 version but I need it to be 1.6.0_xx by default.

I have set the value for JAVA_HOME to be C:..javajdk1.6.0_xx and in the PATH variable it set to C:..javajdk1.6.0_xxbin. After I configured it this way, I was able to build my maven projects successfully via the command line but when I attempt to build the Maven project from STS I get this error

Error occurred during initialization of VM java/lang/NoClassDefFoundError: java/lang/Object

Is there any workaround for this error?



  1. Go to Window -> Preferences
  2. Once the preferences dialog appears, go to Java -> Installed JRE
  3. Add your JRE, if it’s not in the list, check-mark it, Apply, OK