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How to retrieve the URL of a RequestEntity obtained from, Object…)

I’m using Spring Boot 2.6.1 with Spring Web MVC, and in my controller, I want to get the received RequestEntity instead of only the request body, because I have to use information such as the URL.

When I want to test my controller, I build a RequestEntity with the following code:

RequestEntity<String> r ="{path}", "myPath").body("");

Now, I don’t know how to retrieve the URL information from that RequestEntity:

r.getUrl() throws an UnsupportedOperationException because there is no URL in the RequestEntity.

When looking at the code in RequestEntity.body(String), I see that the returned object is an UriTemplateRequestEntity extending RequestEntity, but this object seems to always have an null URL according to its constructor. Only the uriTemplate, uriVarsArray and uriVarsMap attributes are set. But these attributes are not part of RequestEntity.

How can I retrieve the URL information from r, without casting it to an UriTemplateRequestEntity? Is that a bug in RequestEntity.getUrl() I should report?

NB: My workaround is the following:

RequestEntity<String> r ="", "myPath"))).body("");


RequestEntity<String> r ="{path}".replaceAll("\{path\}", "myPath"))).body("");



Use HttpServletRequest in controller parameter like below:

public String test(HttpServletRequest httpReq){
    String url=httpReq.getRequestURL().toString();
    // More code