How to remove the decimal part from a float number that contains .0 in java

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I just want to remove the fractional part of a float number that contains .0. All other numbers are acceptable.. For example :

  I/P: 1.0, 2.2, 88.0, 3.56666, 4.1, 45.00 , 99.560
  O/P: 1 ,  2.2, 88,   3.567,   4.1, 45 ,    99.560

Is there any method available to do that other thancomparing number with “.0” and taking substring” ?

EDIT : I don’t want ACTING FLOAT NUMBERs (like 1.0, 2.0 is nothing but 1 2 right?)

I feel my question is little confusing…
Here is my clarification: I just want to display a series of floating point numbers to the user. If the fractional part of a number is zero, then display only the integer part, otherwise display the number as it is. I hope it’s clear now..


You could use a regular expression such as this: \.0+$. If there are only 0’s after the decimal point this regular expression will yield true.

Another thing you could do is something like so:

float x = 12.5;
float result = x - (int)x;
if (result != 0)
    //If the value of `result` is not equal to zero, then, you have a decimal portion which is not equal to 0.

Source: stackoverflow