how to read a list of objects from the configuration file in play framework

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How can i read a list of users from the configuration file in play framework? i have tried doing something like this:


from the play application

 List<Object> uids = Play.application().configuration().getList("users");

will give me this a list of objects, if I iterate through the list i get each object as

{uid=123,pwd=xyz} and {uid=321,pwd=abc}

at this point i don’t know how i can elegantly get the value of the uid, i can do some hacky job as omit the first and last bracket and parse for the before after equal sign, but it would be too ugly! any idea? (the application is written in java)



Since I had recently the same problem and this is still unanswered, here is my suggestion:

List<User> users = getConfig().getConfigList("users").stream().map(
            config -> new User(config.getString("uid"), config.getBoolean("pwd"))

As far as I know there are no tuples or anything in Java, you need to use either an object or a list with two elements. I decided to go for an object here, you can also return a list.

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