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How to print times (hh:mm) in a quarter-hour cycle?

I need to basically print every quarter-hour of the day from 00:00 to 23:45 (so 96 different times) in hh:mm format to create a html report. Is there a standard library to do that? Or another way?

PrintStream fillStatus = new PrintStream("Report.html");
            for (int(int i=0; i <= 116; i++) {
                jobStatus[] = FileMonitorLog.getStatusOfJob(i) 
                fillStatus.println("<tr >");
                for (quarter=0; quarter <= 96; quarter++) {



Can be done using the java.time.LocalTime:

var time = LocalTime.MIN;
do {
    time = time.plusMinutes(15);
} while (!time.equals(LocalTime.MIN));

It can also be done with a for loop, just consider that LocalTime does not accept 24:00, so 23:45 + 0:15 results in 00:00.

The default format used by LocalTime.toString() is HH:MM if seconds and fraction of seconds is zero. A DateTimeFormat can be used to format the tine using a different format.

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