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How to make a grading program using ConsoleIO in Java (***No Scanner***) [closed]

Write a Java application that takes in a number of grade scores (decimals allowed), and computes the average of them. Then print out a letter grade corresponding to the average; either A, B, C, D, or F. See examples below.

Use the following grading scale

At least 90: A otherwise at least 80: B otherwise at least 70: C otherwise at least 60: D otherwise: F

This is what the output should look like. How many grades will you be entering? 3 What is the next grade? 91.5 What is the next grade? 90.5 What is the next grade? 90 Here is the average: 90.66666666666667 This is an A.

here is what I have:

  public class Grades1 {
public static void main(String[] args) {

double total;

double grade;
double scores;

ConsoleIO.printLine("How many grades will you be entering?");
grade = ConsoleIO.readDouble();

scores = ConsoleIO.readDouble();

while (grade < 1) {
    ConsoleIO.printLine("you must enter a grade");

ConsoleIO.printLine("What is the next grade?");
  score = ConsoleIO.readDouble();

 total = ()

    ConsoleIO.printLine("Your grade is ");
    if (total > 90){
    else if (total > 80) {
    else if (total > 70) {
    else if (total > 60) {
    else {

} }



First, make sure your JVM has any console attached to. System.console(); returns the unique Console object associatedwith the current Java virtual machine, if any.

System.console() returns a, which is the proper way to invoke it since Java5 (more or less..)

So you may be hitting a nullPointer if you execute it on a JVM without console.

That said, this is the code:

public static void main(String args[])
    double total=0, score=0;
    int grades=0;
    Console con = System.console(); 
    PrintWriter w = con.writer(); //beware here (NPE)

    while (grades < 1) 
       w.println("How many grades will you be entering? Minimum is 1");
       String numGrades = con.readLine();
       grades = isNumeric(numGrades)?Integer.parseInt(numGrades):-1;
       if (grades<0)
          w.println("Please enter a valid value. You shithead.");
    for (int i=0;i<grades;i++) 
       w.println("Enter score for grade nÂș"+(i+1));
       String scoreS = con.readLine();
       if (isNumeric(scoreS)) 
          score += Double.parseDouble(scoreS);
       else {
          w.println("Come on man...not again.. Please enter a numeric value..");

    total = (score/grades*1D);
    char finalG = getFinalGrade(total);
    w.printf("Your score average is: %f - Grade : %s", total, finalG);

public static boolean isNumeric(final String str) 
    if (str == null || str.length() == 0) 
        return false;
    for (char c : str.toCharArray()) 
        if (!Character.isDigit(c)) 
            return false;
    return true;

public static char getFinalGrade(double total)
    if (total >= 90)
       return 'A';
    if (total >= 80) 
       return 'B';
    if (total >= 70) 
       return 'C';
    if (total >= 60) 
       return 'D';
    return 'F';
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