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How to iterate on concurrentLinkedQueue by multiple threads?

In my application data producing speed (which is stored in in concurrentLinkedQueue) is greater than i can consume with single thread.

I have decided to start with creating 4 threads to consume the data, to prevent my application from “out of memory exception”.

Questions :

  • Any other better design for the above problem with an example ?
  • Can we iterate over concurrentLinkedQueue with multiple threads and delete the elements while iterating ?

Memory consistency effects: As with other concurrent collections, actions in a thread prior to placing an object into a ConcurrentLinkedQueue happen-before actions subsequent to the access or removal of that element from the ConcurrentLinkedQueue in another thread.



I think you should not iterate but create 4 thread each polling data from the queue so that polled data will be deleted or in other words consumed

// your queue
ConcurrentLinkedQueue concurrentLinkedQueue = new ConcurrentLinkedQueue();

    // create 4 Threads
    for (int i = 0; i < 4; i++) {
        new Thread(() -> {
            while (!concurrentLinkedQueue.isEmpty()) {
                // consume element
                var element = concurrentLinkedQueue.poll();

                // do something with element
                // here
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