How to Insert Data To Array

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I want to save a “AromaNorm” into NormalisasiT1 array, but i had a error :

AWT-EventQueue-0 java.lang.NullPointerException

Can you help me? Here the Code

double[] normalisasiT1 = null;
    double nilaipembagi = Math.sqrt(Aroma);
     for (int i =0; i< jTable1.getRowCount(); i++){
           double aroma1 = Double.parseDouble((String)jTable1.getValueAt(i, 2));
           double AromaNorm = aroma1/nilaipembagi;
           normalisasiT1[i] = AromaNorm;


you should initialize the array

normalisasiT1 = new double [sizeOfIt];

the array is null so it throws NPE.

Source: stackoverflow