How to get trace id and span id in the log4j2, in the format [traceId, spanId ]?

How to get trace id and span id in the log4j2, not the in the [traceId, spanId ] ?

Expected Output : [APPNAME,5a59b2372d9a3814,5a59b2372d9a3814]

Actual Output : [logLevel=ERROR] — 2021-01-21 11:30:32,489 +0530 — http-nio-8080-exec-1 com.springboot.test.aspect.MyAspect — asnId= – message=”Logging key:”, traceId=f19556b82d98bf86, executionTimeSeconds=23

My log4j2 : tried adding below commented property but not seeing trace id in logs

        <Property name="LOG_PATTERN">[logLevel=%-5p] -- %d %d{Z} -- %t %c -- asnId=%X{ASN} - %m%n</Property>
        <property name="log.level">${bundle:DEV:logLevel}</property>
         <!--  <property name="rolling.file.encoder.pattern"
              value="%d{yyyy-MM-dd'T'HH:mm:ss.SSSZ} %-5level : loggerName=&quot;%logger{36}&quot; threadName=&quot;%thread&quot;  appName=&quot;${springAppName:-}&quot; trace=&quot;%X{X-B3-TraceId:-}&quot; span=&quot;%X{X-B3-SpanId:-}&quot; spanName=&quot;%X{X-Span-Name:-}&quot; parent=&quot;%X{X-B3-ParentSpanId:-}&quot; exportable=&quot;%X{X-Span-Export:-}&quot; pid=&quot;${PID:-}&quot; txnId=&quot;%X{txnId}&quot; %msg%n"/> -->
         <!--   <property name="PATTERN" value="%h %l %u [%date{dd/MMM/yyyy:HH:mm:ss.SSS}] &quot;%r&quot; %s %b &quot; &quot;%i{User-Agent}&quot; [trace=%responseHeader{X-B3-TraceId},span=%i{X-B3-SpanId}] %D"/> -->

Aspect class :

In the log of my Aspect class however I can see the trace id

public class MyAspect {

    private final static Logger logger = LogManager.getLogger(MyAspect.class);
    long startTime = new Date().getTime();
    Tracer tracer;

      @Around("allControllerMethods() && args(..,@annotation(org.springframework...RequestBody) requestBody) ")
      public Object controllerEvents(ProceedingJoinPoint jp, Object requestBody) throws Throwable {
         ServletRequestAttributes attributes = (ServletRequestAttributes) RequestContextHolder.getRequestAttributes();
             HttpServletRequest request = attributes.getRequest();
             MethodSignature signature = (MethodSignature) jp.getSignature();
              Method method = signature.getMethod();
              Object resObject = jp.proceed();
              logger.error("traceId", tracer.currentSpan().context().traceIdString());


pom :


ConfigHandler :

    public RestTemplate restTemplate() {
        return new RestTemplate();

Please see that in the test project where I am not using log4j it comes as expected.


I was able to get the traceId and spanId by making below changes : 1)Add to log4j

  <Property name="LOG_PATTERN">[logLevel=%-5p]-- [%X{traceId}/%X{spanId}] -- %d %d{Z} -- %t %c - %m%n</Property>

2)Add property :



    private boolean shouldLog;
//    @Override
    protected boolean shouldLog(HttpServletRequest request) {
        return shouldLog;

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