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How to extract CN from X509Certificate in Java?

I am using a SslServerSocket and client certificates and want to extract the CN from the SubjectDN from the client’s X509Certificate.

At the moment I call cert.getSubjectX500Principal().getName() but this of course gives me the total formatted DN of the client. For some reason I am just interested in the CN=theclient part of the DN. Is there a way to extract this part of the DN without parsing the String myself?



Here’s some code for the new non-deprecated BouncyCastle API. You’ll need both bcmail and bcprov distributions.

X509Certificate cert = ...;

X500Name x500name = new JcaX509CertificateHolder(cert).getSubject();
RDN cn = x500name.getRDNs(BCStyle.CN)[0];

return IETFUtils.valueToString(cn.getFirst().getValue());
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