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How to deserialize json to nested custom map via gson?

I have the following json

  "id": "1111",
  "match": {
    "username1": {
      "id": "1234",
      "name": "alex"
    "username2": {
      "id": "5678",
      "name": "munch"

To deserialise it I have the following data model class..

class json{
    String id;
    Match match;

class Match {  
  private Map<String,Profile> profiles  

class Profile{
    private String id;
    private String name;

I am not getting any deserialisation error when I am using gson but the profiles variable is coming as null. This is how I am deserializing var json = gson.fromJson(data,json.class)

inside the match object there can be dynamic number of usernames not just two . Why am I getting profile object as null and how can I correctly populate it ?

Making changes to json is the last resort here. I can make any other required changes.


The issue is your model. You don’t need Match because profiles does not really exist in your JSON. You just json (this one with small changes) and Profile:

class json{
    String id;
    Map<String,Profile> match;

This will work.