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How to define a bean from a dependency class as @Primary in Spring?

I have a Kafka Consumer and I’m implementing it using the Spring Cloud Stream Source.class binding and InboundChannelAdapter. This Source.class defines 3 MessageChannel beans: output, nullChannel, and errorChannel. My code looks like this:

public class KafkaSource {

    MessageChannel controlBusChannel;

    @InboundChannelAdapter(value = Source.OUTPUT, poller = @Poller(fixedDelay = "1"), autoStartup = "false")
    public AgentActivityNoteCreated consumeAndSendMessage() {

I want to autowire in the output channel so that I can use it to start and stop my InboundChannelAdapter manually, but I’m getting this error when trying to autowire.

Field controlBusChannel in required a single bean, but 3 were found:
    - output: defined by method 'output' in null
    - nullChannel: defined in null
    - errorChannel: defined in null

Consider marking one of the beans as @Primary, updating the consumer to accept multiple beans, or using @Qualifier to identify the bean that should be consumed

I understand the error, the app doesnt know which of the 3 beans to inject, but don’t know how to mark the output channel as Primary since I didn’t actually make the bean. How do I do that?


If the Bean definition is not present in your code. Then, following should work:

MessageChannel controlBusChannel;