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How to deal wiith querydsl multiple schema have same table name?

Simply I faced a problem when trying to access query DSL with multiple schemas, I added multiple schemas as below


and my table name pattern is


suppose both schemas have DEF table then when I compile maven project it gives me the below error.

Failed to execute goal com.querydsl:querydsl-maven-plugin:4.2.1:export (default) on project TestProject:
Execution default of goal com.querydsl:querydsl-maven-plugin:4.2.1:export failed: Attempted to write multiple times to, please check your configuration

Can anyone tell me a way to resolve this and also can explain how to access generated classes in specific schema(for example I want to declare QDEF qdet = QDEF.qdef , this is normal way, but how can I declare QDEF in STU schema)?


I believe this was resolved here. It looks like <schemaToPackage>true</schemaToPackage> is what you need.