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How to create a JPA entity for a table that doesn’t have a Primary Key or Unique Key column

l have a table without a Primary Key or Unique Key column. I need to manipulate this table from the Spring application by using JPA and Hibernate.

While I was trying to map this table‚Äôs entity, it fails because there’s no @Id mapping.

I tried to make a composite id from all the entity properties to ensure uniqueness, but in this case, the entity has returned an immutable object.

I need to manipulate some variables of this entity. What should I do? To alter the table by adding a unique column will bring me new challanges. Is there a way without altering table?


Let’s assume you wanted to change those records with SQL. How would you know which row to update or delete if you don’t have a unique column?

Unless you create a unique column, there’s nothing you can do about it.