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How to create a JavaFX Maven project in IntelliJ IDEA?

How can I open a JavaFX Maven project from scratch in IntelliJ IDEA? As there is no difference between a Java project and a JavaFx project, I want to open a dedicated JavaFX project (Selection JavaFX from create project Wizard) with Maven module included.


Although dated I’m answering this because I had the same question recently and too many people told me to write my own pom file etc. While that is technically true, it can create more headaches if you aren’t careful.

I recommend you:

  1. Create a JavaFX project as you normally would.
  2. Make sure that project view (dropdown in project structure side tool window) is set to ‘Project‘ or ‘Packages‘ (otherwise option in 4th step will not be visible)
  3. Then once it is opened and ready right click on the project folder
  4. Go to “Add Framework Support…”.
  5. Check the box for Maven and click “OK”.

Let IntelliJ do the work for you at this point.

As for editing FXML files link the IDEA to SceneBuilder. Here is the official documentation. But basically:

  1. Install Scene Builder.
  2. File -> Settings -> Languages & Frameworks -> JavaFX
  3. Point to the exe file.

To Use: Right click on the FXML file and select “Open In SceneBuilder” (way down at the bottom)