How to come out of EditText when clicked on empty space?

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I made an app which gives a dialog when an EditText loses focus. However, the editText doesn’t lose focus even when the keyboard is closed. I want that the editText should lose focus when the keyboard is closed (using the back button) or when we click on empty space (empty space being LinearLayout.) How can I do that?


This method enables you to hide the cursor and hide the keyboard when Clicking anywhere on the layout and when clicking the back button :

  protected void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {


            findViewById( View.OnClickListener() {

            public void onClick(View v) {


            View view = this.getCurrentFocus();
                if (view != null) {

                InputMethodManager imm = (InputMethodManager)getSystemService(Context.INPUT_METHOD_SERVICE);
                assert imm != null;
                imm.hideSoftInputFromWindow(view.getWindowToken(), 0);


Source: stackoverflow