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How to close

I’m using sql server jdbc driver mssql-jdbc-9.2.1.jre8-sources.jar and create an object of

After setting it up with host-credential-etc, opening Connection and closing Connection, how do I close SQLServerDataSource object itself, I could not find any method in API.

Note to closer: I’m NOT using C3P0 connection pool, that may have close option.


The SQLServerDataSource is a simple data source that does not provide any form of connection pooling, it only serves as a factory of physical, non-pooled JDBC connections. As such, you do not need to close, destroy or otherwise dispose of this class (other than normal garbage collection).

The need to close a data source only exists for data sources that are backed by a connection pool (like c3p0), to release those pooled connections and maybe end house-keeping threads.