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How can I specify dynamically the ItemProcessor for a JSON Job?

I have different JSON files and need to read, process and write the containing JSON objects of a JSON array.

The output format (more specific: the output class) is for all files the same. Lets call it OutputClass. Hence the item processor is something like ItemProcessor<X, OutPutClass>. Where X is the class of the specific JSON file.

The difference between files are:

  • The JSON array / the information is at a different position in every JSON file
  • The structure of the JSON objects in the JSON array are different (the objects in file a have a different syntax than the ones in file b)

I already came across of @StepScope and was able to dynamically generate a reader (depending on job parameters) which starts reading at a different position in the JSON structure.

But I have no idea how to dynamically choose an ItemProcessor depending on the job parameters. Because I got many different JSON files and want to reduce the amount of code to write for each file.


Since you were able to create a dynamic item reader based on job parameters by using the a step-scoped bean (which is the way I would do it too), you can use the same approach to create a dynamic item processor as well.