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how can I make TV webapp using springboot with tizen?

I want to make a samsung smart tv app with tizen. I’ve made an webpage using springboot.

I tried making the app using that webpage codes I made, but I’ve got to know Tizen doesn’t support java but html, css,and javascript only.

So I used meta http-equip=”refresh”, and let index.html go to my webpage url, but there were long loading time, and ugly ui for a waiting page.. also remote control’s pointer was weird. (not focusing on a certain button, but there is a cursor)

is there no way to solve this problem? I’ve tried to find a way but I couldn’t. please help me…



It seems that you are making a redirect to your website (hosted in internet).

Maybe would be better starting reading the basic concepts about Samsung Smart TV apps here

If you try to open external content (hosted websites) into your app the TV will use its web browser to open it.