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Hibernate’s setparameterlist not working for the selectquery

i am trying to set the parameter lTList in the sqlquery with something like this => [‘a’,b’,’c’] but when i SOP after setting the parameter there is no change => “select …. lt in (:ltList) ” what am i doing wrong

//List lTList=new ArrayList<String>();   
 Query selectQr = session.createSQLQuery("select id ipfs from ipfs where lt in(:lTList) and user_id='" + userId + "'");

selectQr.setParameterList("lTList", lTList);

There is no error but: query constructed : select …. lt in (:ltList)

query wanted : select …. lt in (‘a’,’b’,’c’)



The second comment was correct,

=>Why should the query change? THe parameters are applied upon execution. Also you should never use concat to create a query like this. Use another parameter to set the userid. – M. Deinum

The problem was that the setparameterlist was setting the parameters with quotes ”, and i was already sending a list with quotes appended, thus on execution it became something like this- (”a”,”b”,”c”)