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Failed to create JVM; JVM path C:Program FilesAndroidAndroid Studiojrejre

When I start Android Studio I am facing this error.

Error Launching Android Studio

It was working properly until today. But Today I searched for speeding up Android Studio and applying 2nd option of this solution and after that android studio starts throwing this error. I searched a lot but couldn’t find the proper solution. I also check JAVA_HOME path and my JDK is also 64 bit. Even I also tried by reinstall android studio again but the error continues.

I am using windows 10, 64 bit Operating System.

How can I solve this error?



I was facing the same error, shortly after selecting Help > Edit Custom JVM Options from my Android Studio menu. Soon as I did that, I wasn’t able to restart into my Android studio, citing above error. I tried many options suggested all over, setting JAVA_HOME and whatnot but none worked.

What finally worked was going to <HOME FOLDER>/.AndroidStudio2.2/ and deleting the file studio64. For Windows users the file should be studio64.exe (see below). Please note my Android studio version at the time of writing was 2.2.3, so the Folder/directory to navigate to was based on the major version i.e 2.2. Depending on your Android studio version, the directory to find the file above may be different. Hope this saves someoene some valuable time.

For windows PC:

  • Add jdk location to system environments as JAVA_HOME

  • Delete file from location: C:UsersUSERNAME.AndroidStudio2.3studio64.exe

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