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Eclipse – Stuck “processing jax-rs changes”

I have installed Eclipse Mars2 and when I try to save changes I got a message saying “Processing JAX-RS changes… (Waiting)” and Eclipse freezes for a couple of minutes. I’m developing a spring-mvc maven based application using jboss as server (I don’t know whether this is relevant or not).

In this answer a nullPointer is gotten, but I can’t see any errors whatsoever. I can’t find the “jax-rs- support” option in my project either.

Any clues?

Thank you very much!


The reason for this problem to exist is unclear. A quick Google for the problem doesn’t seem to bring up any existing bug report.

Meanwhile, whatever processing features Eclipse has for JAX-RS are quite superfluous and you can easily do without – especially if you do not actually use JAX-RS in your project. So in this case disabling the builder which you will find in the Project properties does the trick to make the problem go away.