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Eclipse Installation on macOS

I have formatted my Mac due to some storage issues. Before this, I used Eclipse in a proper way. Now i have installed the JDK Screenshot Then, i have installed Java Screenshot

Until now everything seems to be correct but when I open the Eclipse installer… Failed to create the java virtual machine screenshot

What can I do to fix this? I need to work with this the soon as possible.




Eclipse on macOS will not start with Java 14 installed, this is being tracked in Eclipse bug 561273.

Installing Java 8 as well does not help. You need to remove the Java 14 install. You could use the Java 13.0.2 release instead.

Eclipse have determined that the root cause of this issue is a change in Java 14 which is described in this bug report JDK-8238225. The fix for this should be in Java 14.0.1

Update: Eclipse runs fine with Oracle Java 14.0.1 so the issue has been fixed.

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