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Eclipse: How to automatically generate getter when adding a field?

I am using TDD, and have a very typical coding pattern, using Eclipse to autocreate methods and fields as I code the unit test. For example:

  1. type name of method that doesn’t exist, e.g:


  2. Click on the little red error mark in the IDE to create the “setValue” method.

  3. Type inside of setValue method:

    public void setValue(String value) { this.value = value; }

  4. Click the red error mark to auto-create a private field (called “value in this case”);

So at this point, I would like Eclipse to auto-create the getter method, without having to do it using the source -> generate getters and setters menu.

I saw this question: How do you force Eclipse to prompt you to create a getter and setter when it doesn’t do it automatically which seems to imply that Eclipse does this, but I couldn’t find where to configure that.

Is there some way to configure Eclipse to automatically add setter/getters when adding new private variable?

UPDATE: To clarify further, I’m looking for something like I saw in the Spring Roo documentation. If you take a look at the “How It Works” section, it describes how the framework automatically adds additional methods to your class, whenever you add a private variable. (My preference is not to run another process like that, however, and also not to get all the cruft that it seems to add). I was hoping Eclipse had something similar.



When you move your mouse above the name of the variable, you can select “Create getter and setter for varname” in the popup menu.

Or you can create yourself a shortcut to do so. Preferences -> General -> Keys. In the search box you enter “getter” and then you´ll find it.