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Draw a line with curved edges in Android

I am using canvas.drawLine to draw some line in android but the lines are too sharp but i need a curved edges enter image description here

Here the 1 is what i have and 2 is what i want to achieve, means a line with curved edges rather than straight edges

How can I achieve that ??


I am trying to use the Canvas object to to draw a line. but the lines have a sharp edge, I need a rounded off edge I am using the Paint object

mPaint = new Paint();

Any help would be appreciated great.



Use the Paint.setStrokeCap() method. You need Paint.Cap.ROUND. The default one is Paint.Cap.BUTT. There is a similar Path property that is called path join. It determines how to draw the parts of the path where it’s constituent segments join. To set it use Path.setPathJoin(). You might need it in the future. Good luck.

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