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Does Java have native support for events, similar to that of C#?

I’m a bit confused from what I’ve heard Java doesn’t do events.

But I know that it does GUI events.

Am I missing something? Does java have an event handling mechanism?

I’m aware that I can implement a publisher subscriber pattern, but I’m looking for native support within Java.

I seem to remember something about Java Adding events in either Java 5 or 6 but I can’t remember where I heard this and I may be making it up.

Basically I’m wrapping a device in a java class the device throws events, and I’m looking for the most logical way of exposing this. I come mostly from a .Net Background and I’m looking for something like the events in .Net (C#)

Any help would be appreciated.


As you already stated, you can do the exact same thing with the publisher-subscriber/Observer pattern. It just requires a bit more legwork.

And no, Java does not have native support for events, like C# does with delegates.