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Do…while is not working in input verification

So I’m trying to do an input verification for my program in java, and I’m trying to do that in this setter:

  public void setClientName(String clientName) {
        boolean valid;
            valid = false;
                    this.clientName = clientName;
                     throw new IllegalArgumentException("Invalid client name");
            }catch(Exception e){
                System.out.println("Invalid name");
                valid = true;

But when I call it and put a wrong name, the do…while does not work and the program just continue

Here’s where I call it

  public void openAccount(int i){
        nCartao = 2021120040 + i;
        System.out.println("Account Number : " + (nCartao));
        System.out.println("Client Name :");

        setClientName(; // I CALL IT HERE

        System.out.println("Client Age : ");
        age = sc.nextInt();
        System.out.println("Balance :");
        balance = sc.nextInt();

What am I doing wrong?



Maybe that’s because in your catch you are stating that valid is true when it should be false to repeat the block.

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