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Design for defining graphs or flowing structures

I’m trying to create a system for representing and designing graphs in an easy way. That means it should be easy to create some graphical representation from the data structure but it should also be easy to store the structure and do easy calculation on it. Easy calulations in this sence are questions like which nodes are the next nodes from a given node in the graph.

Is there some nice way to define stuff like this in xml or database structures? Later would be easier to edit.

Is there maybe already some good java library abstract enough to support my problems?

I’m trying to define a production process which can also have cycles (these cylces are not so important and could be modeled differently), but it feels kind of weird having to make these fundamental design decisions when this problem is so generic.



JUNG –, may be a good solution for you. It’s pretty extensible and has visualization, graph algorithm support etc

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