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Convert RGB to HSV in android

I want to get the ARGB values from a pixel and convert to HSV and then set the pixel with the new values.

I don’t fully understand how to do that. Can anyone help me?



Let’s say you have a Bitmap object and x and y co-ordinates. You can get the color from the bitmap as a 32-bit value like this:

int color = bitmap.getPixel(x, y);

You can separate out the argb components like this:

int a = Color.alpha(color);
int r =;
int g =;
int b =;

Then you can convert to HSV like this:

float[] hsv = new float[3];
Color.RGBToHSV(r, g, b, hsv);

Now you can manipulate the HSV values however you want. When you are done you can convert back to rgb:

color = Color.HSVToRGB(hsv);

or like this is you want to use the alpha value:

color = Color.HSVToRGB(a, hsv);

Then you can write the color back to the bitmap (it has to be a mutable Bitmap):

bitmap.setPixel(x, y, color);