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Convert double to float in Java

I am facing an issue related to converting double to float. Actually, I store a float type, 23423424666767, in a database, but when we get data from the database in the below code, getInfoValueNumeric(), it’s of double type. The value we get is in the 2.3423424666767E13 form.

So how do we get a float format data like 23423424666767?

2.3423424666767E13 to 23423424666767

public void setInfoValueNumeric(java.lang.Double value) {
    setValue(4, value);

@javax.persistence.Column(name = "InfoValueNumeric", precision = 53)
public java.lang.Double getInfoValueNumeric() {
    return (java.lang.Double) getValue(4);



Just cast your double to a float.

double d = getInfoValueNumeric();
float f = (float)d;

Also notice that the primitive types can NOT store an infinite set of numbers:

float range: from 1.40129846432481707e-45 to 3.40282346638528860e+38
double range: from 1.7e–308 to 1.7e+308