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Combine list of list into map using stream

I’m trying to convert a pojo object that looks like

    "type": "Preferred",
    "ids": ["A", "B", "C"]
    "type": "Non-preferred",
    "ids": ["D", "E"]
    "type": "Popular",
    "ids": ["A", "D"]

into Map<String, List<String>>, such as:

 "A": ["Preferred", "Popular"],
 "B": ["Preferred"],
 "C": ["Preferred"],
 "D": ["Non-preferred", "Popular"],
 "E": ["Non-preferred"],

how can I accomplish this using stream? I preferably want to utilize stream into collect(), instead of using forEach() (which is basically a for-loop).

Thanks in advance.

EDIT: The pojo class looks something like:

class Pojo {
 String type;
 List<String> ids;

And I basically have List<Pojo>



You can do it using stream, create entry for each type and id combination and then do a group by

Map<String, List<String>> results =
                    .map(id->new AbstractMap.SimpleEntry<>(id,obj.getType())))

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