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Capturing a single image from my webcam in Java or Python

I want to capture a single image from my webcam and save it to disk. I want to do this in Java or Python (preferably Java). I want something that will work on both 64-bit Win7 and 32-bit Linux.

EDIT: I use Python 3.x, not 2.x

Because everywhere else I see this question asked people manage to get confused, I’m going to state a few things explicitly:

  • I do not want to use Processing
  • I do not want to use any language other than those stated above
  • I do want to display this image on my screen in any way, shape or form
  • I do not want to display a live video feed from my webcam on my screen, or save such a feed to my hard drive
  • The Java Media Framework is far too out of date. Do not suggest it.
  • I would rather not use JavaCV, but if I absolutely must, I want to know exactly which files from the OpenCV library I need, and how I can use these files without including the entire library (and preferably without sticking these files in any sort of PATH. Everything should be included in the one directory)
  • I can use Eclipse on the 64-bit Win7 computer if need be, but I also have to be able to compile and use it on 32-bit Linux as well
  • If you think I might or might not know something related to this subject in any way shape or form, please assume I do not know it, and tell me

EDIT2: I was able to get Froyo’s pygame example working on Linux using Python 2.7 and pygame 1.9.1. the call didn’t work, but it was unnecessary for the rest of the example. However, I had to call cam.set_controls() (for which you can find the documentation here to up the brightness so I could actually see anything in the image I captured.

Also, I need to call the cam.get_image() and methods three times before the image I supposedly took on the first pair of calls actually gets saved. They appeared to be stuck in a weird buffer. Basically, instead of calling cam.get_image() once, I had to call it three times every single time I wanted to capture an image. Then and only then did I call

Unfortunately, as stated below, is only supported on Linux. I still don’t have a solution for Windows.


On windows it is easy to interact with your webcam with pygame:

from VideoCapture import Device
cam = Device()

I haven’t tried using pygame on linux (all my linux boxen are servers without X), but this link might be helpful