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can you make a list of differents element in java without making a class for it

i need a create a list that contains in each iteration an int ,date and a note (String)

so what i need is something like this : List A ={[5,12/12/2020, “note1″],[6,11/01/2021,”note2”],…} what i need is the declaration for this . and i knew that i can change it to a list<list< String >> then change everything back from String to the type of thing that i want or declare a class that contains that information and make a list of that class but what i’m asking is there a way to make without doing that (without changing to String and without declaring a new class) . thank you for any help you offer



Is that what you are looking for?

List<Object[]> lista = new ArrayList<Object[]>();

    lista.add(new Object[] {5, LocalDate.of(12,12,2020),  "note1"});
    lista.add(new Object[] {6, LocalDate.of(11,1,2021),  "note2"});
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